A beginners guide to e-mail marketing

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Teaching email marketing for beginners is tricky, because there really is a lot of ground to cover! Thankfully, FreshMail is up to the task! Even a total beginner can get a lot from reading our "how to" guides, which have been written a way that combines informativeness with simplicity. Thanks to us, you will be able to learn email marketing for beginners in no time! The FreshMail staff consists of people who have achieved real success in the realm of e-mail marketing. For instance, Kay Lancucki from Fresh Mail is one of the speakers at E-Mail Marketing Day 2017, a prestigious e-mail marketing event that takes place in London. Such a fantastic source of knowledge is something you can definitely rely on! We have a lot of passion for e-mail marketing and are excited about its constant growth, so we cannot wait to show you what it is all about! We are sure that you will become a fan of e-mail marketing too.



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